Bird Song Broadsides with Artist's Books at CFAM
How to Speak to Birds, cyanotype cover
Bright Crowns
Conceited Rural Dandies, 2017, front cover
Detail, "Survey of Popular Birds & Their Behaviors" 2015
FLOCK at the Orlando Science Center
Prints from Constellation Studios
  In 2012, I revisited themes from a previous body of work entitled "Wonders of the Sea" in which I investigated our cultural ties with the ocean and its impact on pollution, overfishing and climate change. In these new digital collages, I considered those issues through the lens of globalization using a visual language related to the Jacques Cousteau books from my childhood. 
Transect, 2017
Never Flinch, visual journal by Rachel Simmons
24 Hour Zine, Issue Three
Sinkhole Fever, Issue One, 2018
The Namibians
The Oil Book, 2011