These tutorials are here to help you better understand the concepts and techniques of visual journaling. They are split into parts for easy access to certain topics, but they are meant to be viewed at least once in order from 1-8. We can review any of these techniques in class and additional techniques will be demonstrated in class over the course of the semester. Questions? Email

Part One: It Begins With Writing  Covers beginning a journal entry and developing a writing practice

Part Two: Tackle the White Page  Covers materials, ink wash, wax resist and stencils 

Part Three: Distressed Collage Demonstrates how to distress collage as a visual element

Part Four: Tape Transfers Shows the process of making a tape transfer out of text 

Part Five: Solvent Transfers Covers the process of making solvent transfers with a clear blender pen 

Part Six: Gel Transfers  Demonstrates how to create a gel transfer using a magazine image 

Part Seven: Unified By Design Discusses design strategies to unify journal pages 

Part Eight: Drawing and Final Layers Completes the demonstration through drawing and final touches