3rd Reading Response, due Monday 9/19 by 10 pm / by Rachel Simmons

Rachel Simmons,  Merde Sur La Mer , mixed media artist's book, 2008

Rachel Simmons, Merde Sur La Mer, mixed media artist's book, 2008

After reading selections from Relief Printmaking and Structure of the Visual Book, respond to these questions in a total word count between 250-300 words. 

  1. What are some common characteristics amongst the different materials which can be manipulated and then inked to create relief prints? 
  2. Why do you think printmakers have experimented with so many different types of block and plate materials? 
  3. As a relief printmaking material, what are the characteristics of linoleum (lino) that make it unique and accessible? 
  4. Choose three examples of artist's books from Structure of the Visual Book which showed a compelling connection between form and concept. Describe, briefly, what you found interesting about each one.